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Brass 90 Degree Elbow Fitting Is Mainly Used To Connect Hoses To Deck Drains, Water Pumps And Valves. A 90º Elbow Is Also Called A Quarter Bend Or A 90 Ell Or A 90 Bend. Brass 90 Degree Elbow Fittings Can Be Used In Applications That Deal With Hot Water. The Installation Of Brass 90 Degree Pipe Fittings Is Done Between Two Lengths Of Tubing Or Pipe And The Reason For This Kind Of Installation, Is To Permit A Change In Direction. Our Brass Pipe Elbow Have Very High-Impact Strength And They Have The Capacity To Resist Vibration And Mechanical Shock. These Fittings Can Be Used With Brass Tubing, But They Can Also Be Used With Iron Tubing And Copper Tubing And They Are Just Perfect For Use In General Industrial Environments And In Environments That Are Harsh.

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Brass Pipe Elbow Fitting Stockist & Manufacturer

  • Brass Elbows That Have Been Manufactured For Use In Applications Dealing With Steam, Oil, Water And Natural Gas. The Maximum Pressure For These Is 1200 Psi, Except In The Case Of Domestic Brass Fittings, Where The Temperature Range For Their Use Lies Between -65 °F -250 °F.
  • Nickel-Plated Brass Elbows Are A Low Cost Option To Using Stainless Steel. However, there are also steel tubes that are affordable and sturdy. These Types Of Brass Elbows Are Just Perfect For Use Where It Is Just Not Possible To Use The Standard Yellow Brass. This Type Of Brass Pipe Elbow Is Used With Compressed Air Fluids, Oils And Water, In Applications In Pneumatic And Hydraulic Plants.
  • Chrome-Plated Brass Elbows Are Used Where It Is Not Possible To Use Yellow Brass And They Are Used A Lot In Commercial Bathrooms, Hospitals And Schools.

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The Best Part About Brass Compression Elbow Fitting Is That They Can Be Reused, In Case They Have Not Been Tightened A Good Number Of Times. Reuse Of These Brass Compression Elbow Fittings Can Be Done By Thoroughly Cleaning The Mating Faces And To Do This, Putty, Tape Or Anything Else Must Not Be Used. Also, When Tightening Is Being Done Of The Brass Compression Elbow Fittings, It Is Important Not To Be Gentle, As The Seal Is Formed, By Forcing Together The Surfaces And Then For Them To ‘Mate’, They Have To Be Bent.

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Whatever Is Your Requirement For Brass 90 Degree Elbow Fitting, Be Sure To Call Us And Let Us Know. We Are A Premier Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter And Stockist Of Brass 90 Degree Elbow Fittings And We Deliver These Brass Elbow Fitting To Clients Located In All Parts Of The Globe. Our Quality Is Of The Highest Standards, Adhering To International Quality Specifications. We Also Provide Our Clients With Test Certificates Certifying NACE Mr0103 / Nace Mr0175 And Material Test Certificates (MTC) As Per En 10204 3.1 And En 10204 3.2. Though Our Brass 90 Degree Elbow Fittings Are Of The Highest Quality, You Will Find Our Prices Are Real Good On Your Pocket. So, Do Let Us Know Your Needs For Brass Elbow Fitting, You Won’T Get A Better Deal Than The One We Can Give!

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