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Brass Fittings Are Available In Various Types Such As Automotive Fittings, Hose Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Flare Fittings, Barb Fittings, Compression Fittings, Air Brake System Fittings, Fusible Plugs, Hose Barbs, LOG Fittings, Connector Fittings, Etc. As Can Be Seen, There Is A Huge Range Of Fittings Made From Brass, That Can Be Manufactured By Us. The Main Point Being That Brass Pipe Fittings Are Extremely Versatile And As Such They Can Be Got In Various Finishes, Sizes And Shapes. There Are A Number Of Reasons Why Brass Fittings Are In Such Big Demand All Over The World And Some Of Them Are:

  • Fittings Made From Brass Are Very Resilient.
  • Durable & Fire Resistant
  • They Can Last For Years And Years.
  • They Are Ideal For Use In Homes, As Well As In All Kinds Of Industries, For The Purpose Of Plumbing.
  • Brass Fittings Just Perfect For Heavy-Duty Usage.
  • Tube Fittings Are Much Easier To Bend And Thread, Than Iron And Steel.
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Brass Plumbing Fittings Manufacturer, Brass Pipe Fittings Stockist

Brass Fittings Are Used For A Large Number Of Reasons, But Mainly They Are Used In A Great Number Of Industries, As Well As In Homes For Various Purposes, Such As The Carrying Of Chemicals, Water, Flammable Gases, Slurries And For Fire Sprinkler Systems. Though Brass Tube Fittings Such As Brass Plumbing Pipe Fittings, Are Available In A Vast Range Of Sizes And Types, There Are 8 Kinds Of Fittings Of Brass That Are Most Commonly Used And These Are Elbows, Tees, Adaptors, Pipe Wyes, Unions, Couplings, Plugs And Pipe Nipples. Needless To Say, All Of These 8 Different Kinds Of Fittings Of Brass, Have Different Uses. But, There Are Not Just These 8 Kinds, There Are Others Too Like Brass Gas Fittings And Brass Air Fittings Which Have All Been Designed To Suit Specific Purposes.

Brass Threaded Fittings, Brass Tee Fitting & Y Fittings, Unions & Hose Nipple Fittings

Brass Pipe Fittings Are Extremely Popular And They Have Been Used For Many Years Now And One Of The Reasons For This Is Because They Are Capable Of Withstanding Temperatures That Are Very High. If Hot Water Is Being Distributed, Then At High Temperatures, The Ductility And Conductivity Of Tube Fittings Made Of Brass, Is Fabulous. Basically Brass Is An Alloy Of Zinc And Copper And Due To Its High Machinability, Brass Is Used In Threaded Fittings And For The Purposes Of Smaller Compression. Brass Threaded Fittings And So Many Others, Can Be Obtained In A Wide Range Of Thread Sizes And Shapes, So As To Enable The Control And Flow Of The Gas, Air Or Liquid That Is Present Within The Pipe.

3000 PSI Brass Tube Fittings, Brass Water Fittings & Automotive Pipe Fittings

When Used For The Purposes Of Plumbing, Brass Water Fittings Are Perfect For The Distribution Of Hot Water, As They Have The Capacity To Last Longer Than Other Kinds Of Metal, Steel Being An Example. Fittings Of Brass Can Also Be Used For The Distribution Of Cold Water, But It Is Preferred To Use Them For The Distribution Of Hot Water. Brass Compression Fittings Are Effortlessly Manufactured As They Can Be Molded Or Shaped Very Easily. Plus, Brass Is Much More Malleable Than Iron Or Steel. Also, Brass Can Be Soldered With Copper, As It Is An Alloy Of Copper. Once Brass Tube Fittings Have Been Installed, They Cannot Disintegrate Or Crack Easily And Retain Their Fine Condition For A Good Many Years.

Dealer Of Brass Barb Fittings, Brass Refrigeration Fittings & Forged Fitting

Brass Barb Fittings Are Extremely Resistant To Corrosion. Brass Is One Of The Few Metals That Is Highly Resistant To Various Kinds Of Corrosion And The Truth Is That – Brass Just Will Not Rust! Rust And Corrosion Are The Cause Of Wear And Tear And This Does Not Happen When Brass Plumbing Fittings Are Used. Brass Hose Fittings Have Moderate Toughness And Strength, Plus They Have Excellent Ductility & Resistance To Corrosion, At Temperatures That Are High, Ranging Between –198° To 204° C (–325° To 400° F).

Bulkhead Brass Fittings, Brass Fuel Line Fittings & Propane Fittings

Brass Bulkhead & Fuel Line Fittings, Can Handle Pressures All The Way Up To 3000 Psi, Based On The Size And Also The Design. But, Almost All The Fittings Made From Brass, Can Be Used At Lower Pressures. Brass Hydraulic Fittings Are Available In Different Kinds Of Finishes, Mainly For Decorative Purposes And Some Such Include Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Chrome Plated Brass, Lacquered Brass, Etc. As Brass Happens To Be A Material That Is Very Durable, Brass Propane Fittings Are Perfect For Use In Plumbing Works In Industries That Deal With Propane Manufacturing And Transportation.  Brass Is Also In Great Demand For Use In Automotive Brass Fittings, As Automobiles Need Material That Lasts Long And Is Resilient, Which Brass Is On Both Counts.

Brass Ferrule Fittings, Brass Pex Fittings, Mister Fittings & Pump Fittings

We Manufacture, Supply, Stock And Export World Class Brass Fittings To Clients Situated All Over The World. The Quality Of Our Fittings Of Brass Such As Our Brass Pex Fittings, , Conform To National And International Specifications And Quality Standards. And This Is Just Why We Can Very Confidently Declare That Our Brass Ferrule Fittings Are Amongst The Best In The World. And Of Course, The Prices Of Our Brass T Fitting Are Amongst The Most Competitive That You Will Find – Anywhere! Whatever Is Your Need For Brass Pipe Fittings, Be Sure To Call Us, We Assure You That You Will Not Regret It. We Export & Supply Brass Pipe Fittings To USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Europe, Jordan, Kuwait, Korea, Canada, Colombia, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Etc.

Other Types Of Fittings We Supply & Export

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