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Brass Tubing Has Been In Big Demand All Over The Globe, Since Many Years Now And One Of The Most Important Reasons For This, Is Its Resistance To Water. Using Brass Tubes, Is Very Different From Using Tubes Made Of Stainless Steel, Because When Tubes Made Of Brass Are Touched By Water, They Do Not Corrode. Brass Is An Alloy Of Zinc And Copper And In Fact, It Is One Of The Largest Used Alloys. Admiralty Brass Tubing Has High Electrical Conductivity, It Is Resistant To Various Kinds Of Corrosion And It Is Durable. Brass Round Tubes Are Also Liked Because Of Their Bright Gold Appearance, Which Can Also Be Considered To Be Kind Of Decorative. Another Big Advantage Of Using Precision Brass Tubing, Is That They Have A Very High Tolerance To Heat. Plus, Pipes Made Of Brass Do Not Deform Or Corrode, Even When They Are Used To Channel Hot Water. And If That’s Not All, Brass Hexagonal Tubes Are An Excellent Heat Conductor And As Such They Make For An Efficient, Easy And Systematic Way Of Distributing Water.

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Brass Square Tube Stockist, Admiralty Brass Tube Manufacturers

There Are Many Different Kinds Of Brass Tubing That Are Available And One Of These Is Brass Square Tube. One Of The Reasons Why These Brass Square Tube Are So Extremely Popular Is Because Of The Fact That They Display Very High Strength And Very High Durability. Plus, Brass Square Tubes Have Proven To Hold Up Extremely Well In Environments That Are Corrosive And Also In High Temperatures. Also, These Square Tubes Can Resist Acid Corrosion To Some Extent And They Also Do Not Rust. And Also, The Structural Efficiency Of Admiralty Brass Brass Square Tubing Is Well Known And It Is A Proven Fact That These Kinds Of Tubes Can Withstand The Harshness Of A Huge Range Of Environments, Making Them Ideal For Use In Various Industries And Applications.

Admiralty Brass Condenser Tubes, Brass C260 Seamless Round Tubing

Seamless Brass Tube Is Another Kind Of Brass Tubing That Is In Big Demand Today And They Are Great For Use In All Kinds Of Industrial Design Projects. These C260 Seamless Brass Tubes Are Also Used A Lot In Indoor And Outdoor Designing Elements. Admiralty Brass Tubes Are Also Extremely Popular Because Of Their Characteristics Such As Their Compactness, Their Light Weight, Their Resistance To Tarnishing, Their Flexibility, Their Corrosion Resistance And Their Ease Of Joining And Blending. Admiralty Brass Consists Of Tin, Copper And Zinc. Zinc Gives These Tubes Resistance To Corrosion And Copper Increases Their Rate Of Heat Transfer. As Such, Admiralty Brass Condenser Tubes Exhibit Superb Resistance To Corrosion In Fresh Water, Brackish Water, As Well As In Salt Water And Also, Their Heat Transfer Capabilities Are Outstanding. Because Of This, These Tubes Are Extremely Popular For Use In Applications That Involve Heat Exchangers And Condensers.

Welded Brass Hex Tube, Thin Brass Tubing, Threaded Brass Tube Distributor

Brass Hex Tube Are Used For Various Purposes Such As Decorative Work, Base Plates, House-Ware, Braces, Etc. Hexagonal Tubing Plays A Big Role In What Is Popularly Known As ‘Shaped Tubing’. These Kinds Of Brass Hexagonal Tubes Are Used In Many Applications Such As Telescoping Components, Rebar And Direct Drilling Couplers, Aerospace, Torque Wrenches, Drilling, Steering Columns, Construction, Tools And Tool Handles, Wrench Extensions, Medical Equipment, Automobiles, Etc. Brass Round Tube Is Yet Another Kind Which Is In Big Demand For Use In Plumbing Applications. The Reason Why Brass Welded Round Tubes Are Used So Very Much In Plumbing, Is Because They Are Resistant To Corrosion.

Nickel Plated Brass Tubing, C33000 Brass Handrail Tube Fabricator

As The Name Implies, Brass Handrail Tube Is Used For Just That Precise Purpose, Handrails. Brass Handrail Tubing Manufactured For The Purpose Of Being Used By Hand Grasp, Has Been So Designed That It Provides Support And Stability To The Person Grasping It. Handrails Are Commonly Used While Ascending Or Descending Stairways And Escalators, In Order To Prevent Injurious Falls. Handrails Made Of Brass Tubes Are Designed Not Just For Functional Purposes, But Also For Their Aesthetic Uses. As Brass Has A Nice Shiny, Gold Color To It, Handrails Made Of C33000 Thin Brass Tubes Serve To Add A Nice Touch Of DéCor And Splendor To Any Place, Be It In A House Or In An Office. We Regularly Supply Brass Tubing To USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Australia, Toronto, Sydney,  Los Angeles, Vancouver, Canada, Etc.

Thick Wall Brass Tubing, Precision Brass Tubing & Small Diameter Brass Tubes

Are You Seeking Only The Very Best Brass Tube Manufacturers? If You Have Answered Yes To That, Then You Need Not Search Any More, As You Have Just Found What You Want! Solitaire Overseas Is A Trusted Manufacturer, Supplier And Exporter Of Admiralty Brass Tubing. Our Brass Tubes Are Of The Highest Quality, Meeting International And National Standards And Specifications. We Can Say This For Sure, As We Run Our Thick Wall Brass Tubes Through The Toughest Quality Tests. Also, We Even Supply Our Clients With Test Certificates Certifying NACE Mr0175 / Mr0103 And Material Test Certificates (MTC) As Per En 10204 3.2 / En 10204 3.1. Our Quality Is World Class And Our Client Servicing Is Fast And Extremely Reliable. No Matter What Your Requirement Is For Seamless Or Welded Brass Tubing – At The Best Possible Prices, Do Give Us A Call, You Will Be Pleased You Did!

Industrial Application & Uses Of Round, Square, Rectangle & Hex Admiralty Brass Tube

Tubing Made Of Brass Can Also Be Used In Water That Is A Bit Chlorinated. Tubings Made Of Brass Are Also Used In Environments Where There Is Low Hydrogen Sulphide. Due To These Reasons, Brass Tubing Is Used In A Large Number Of Industries, Including In Households, All Over The World Today, In Areas And Applications Such As Pump Shafts, Decorative Structurals, Connectors, Support Sleeves, Electronic Components, Decorative Rods, Cabinet Hardware, Hand And Foot Rails, Couplings, Electrical Equipment, Bushings, Stemware And Racks, Central Heating, Fittings, Valve Stems, Musical Instruments, Switches, Frames, Circuit Board Relays, Fixtures, Desalination Fields, Valve Components, Ornamental Works, Seawater Lines, Brackets, Etc.

Test Certificates & Other Related Documents Provided On Time

Our Company Provides To Our Clients With All Kinds Of Documentation Such As Heat Treatment Charts, Fumigation Certificates, Guarantee Letter, Packing List (Inclusive Of Number Of Boxes, Gross Weight, Net Weight, Marks And Numbers), Commercial Invoice (Inclusive Of Hs Code), Material Traceability Records, NABL Approved Laboratory Test Reports, Raw Material Test Reports, Form A, Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), Certificate Of Origin Legalized, Procedure Qualification Record, Etc.

Types Of Brass Tubing We Manufacture & Supply

brass square, round, rectangular & hexagonal tube c260 brass capillary tube
nickel plated brass tubing thin brass tubing & rope tubing
telescoping brass tubing extruded brass tubing
brass handrail tube red brass tubing
c33000 brass pen tubes brass lanyard tube

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