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We Are A Leading Global Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier And Stockist Of High Quality Copper Coil, At The Most Economical Rates. We Deliver All Types Of Coils To Clients In All Parts Of The World. We Ensure That Our Cu Coils Are Nothing Short Of The Highest Quality, We Run These Copper Heat Exchanger Coil Through Very Tough Quality Tests Such As Flattening Test, Intergranular Corrosion Test, Spectro Analysis, Hardness Test, Flaring Test, Micro And Macrotest, To Name A Few. It Is Only When Our Copper Coils Have Been Run Through These Quality Tests And They Have Passed These Tests, Do We Then Dispatch Them To Our Clients. This Is Our Way Of Ensuring That We Meet International Quality Standards And Specifications.

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Copper Pipe Coil & Flat Copper Coil Manufacturer And Stockist

Copper Is A Metal That Is Malleable, Shiny, Smooth And Soft And It Is In Big Demand For Use In All Kinds Of Industries And Applications, For Many Reasons, Such As Its Low Rate Of Oxidization, Its Resistance To Various Kinds Of Chemicals, Its Formability And Also Its Conductive Properties. Electric Trains Have Very Powerful Motors In Them And It Is These Motors That Contain Various Kinds Of Copper Coil Tubing. There Are Certain High Speed Trains Such As The Eurostar That Has 2 Motors For Every Set Of Its Wheels And All Of These Motors Contain Different Kinds Of Copper Coil. Almost Always, Copper Coils Are Made From Copper That Has A Purity Of Around 99.9%.

Copper Spring Coil Dealer, Heating & Cooling Cu Coils

As Copper Is A Superb Electrical Conductor, Copper Coil Is In Big Demand In Various Sectors And One Such Is Its Use In All Kinds Of Electric Motors In Various Industries And Even At Home. Copper Spring Coils Are Used In All Kinds Of Electric Motors That Are Used In Escalators, Lifts, Cars, Trains, Etc. In Lifts And Escalators. There Are Very Powerful Electric Motors That Uses These Types Of Thin Coil. Cars Too Have Various Kinds Of Electric Motors That Use Different Kinds Of Copper Tubing Coil. For Example, The Starter Motor Of A Car Enables The Petrol Engine To Turn And Thus Gets The Car Going. Then There Are Other Motors In The Car, Which Contain Copper Pipe Coil And These Work The Car Mirrors, Car Windows, Car Windscreen Wipers, Etc.

Soft Copper Coil, Copper Coils For Air Conditioner Stock

Copper Coils Are Preferred To Aluminium Coils, As The Conductivity Of Copper Is Better Than That Of Aluminium And As Such, The Loss Of Heat Of Copper Coils Is Much Less Than That Of Aluminium Coils. Also, Their Terminations Are Less Susceptible To Failure Than Terminations Made Of Aluminium, Copper Is Used In Power Transformers, Instead Of Aluminium.

Normally, It Is Possible To Obtain Flat Copper Coil, In Large Bundles And These Can Be Very Easily Bent, Twisted And Shaped, Without Using High Force, Tools And Heat. These Coils Can Be Coated, Annealed Or Layered With Plastic Resin. Copper Heating & Cooling Coils Are Used In A Variety Of Systems In Heating, Electrical, Engineering, Heat Exchanging, Etc. For Systems That Involve Cooling And Refrigeration Applications, Copper Coil Air Conditioner Is Perfect For Use.

Types L Copper Coil Distributors In USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Europe

All Kinds Of Copper Coil, Whether They Are Hollow In The Center Or Whether They Have A Solid Profile, Whether They Are Type L Copper Coil Or Any Other Kind, All Display A Wall Thickness That Is Uniform And Seamless.  Another Reason Why Copper Coils Are In Such Big Demand All Over The World Is Because They Can Be Very Easily Formed From Performs, Billets And Also From Copper Sheets That Are Heated And Have Been Forced Through A Mold. This Is Known As The Process Of Extrusion. One Of The Main Applications Of Copper Coils Is Its Use As Electromagnetic Coils. This Is The Kind That Serves As A Conductor. The Electromagnetic Coil Is Wound Around A Core And In This Way, An Inductor Is Formed.

Thin Copper Coils Are Used In The Making Of All Kinds Of Exquisite Jewelry, Various Kinds Of Crafts And Probably A Million Different Kinds Of Fantastic Hand Made Products. They Is Also Used To Manufacture Capillary Tubing, Which Are A Part Of Air Conditioning Systems And Refrigeration Systems, That Serve As Metering Devices. Relay Switches Also Make Use Of These Kinds Of Capillary Tubing, As A Part Of The Winding Relay, Which Results In The Production Of A Magnetic Field, That Serves To Activate The Mechanism.

Copper Refrigeration Coil, Cu Pair Coils & Gutter Coil Dealer

Solitaire Overseas Is A Leading Name When It Comes To The Manufacture & Supply Of Copper Coils. Our Coils Are Of The Highest Quality And They Are In Big Demand With Companies All Over The World. Not Only Is Our Quality The Best, But You Will Be Pleased To See That Our Prices Are Better Than The Best! For All Your Requirements Of Copper Pair Coil And All Other Products, Be Sure To Talk To Us. We Have All That You Seek!

Test Certificates & Other Related Documents

To Ensure That Our Clients Are Fully Satisfied With The Quality Of Our Copper Coil That They Get, We Also Supply Them With Various Kinds Of Documentations And Certifications Such As: Raw Material Test Reports, Guarantee Letter, Certificate Of Origin (Legal), Material Traceability Records, Form A For The Purpose Of GSP (Generalized System Of Preferences), Heat Treatment Charts, NABL Approved Laboratory Test Reports, Fumigation Certificates, Packing List (Inclusive Of Numbers And Marks, Number Of Boxes, Gross Weight, Net Weight.), Quality Assurance Plan, Welding Procedure Specification, Etc. We Also Supply Our Clients With Material Test Certificates As Per En 10204 3.1/ En 10204 3.2 And Test Certificates Certifying NACE Mr0103/ NACE Mr0175.