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When You Are Constructing A Building Let It Is For Making A House Or Any Other Reason There Are Various Things That Are Necessary. From Them, One Is Plumbing Or Fitting The Pipes. For That Copper Flanges Is One Of The Things That Are Used. In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss The Various Type Ways You Can Use It, Ways You Can Mount Copper Flanges. With Ready Stock Of 1 Inch, 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch, 22mm Copper Flange Of Different Types We Can Quote You The Best Possible Price.

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Flanges Are The Instruments That Are Used For The Fitting Of The Pipes. They Are In Various Shapes That Make The Setting Up The Plumbing System Easy And Effective. It Can Be Made Of Various Metals But You Should Prefer Copper Flange. These Things Can Also Be Used For Other Purposes Also Like Closing The Pipe That Was Open For No Reason.

The Reason For Using The Them Can Be Explained By These Points:

  • Copper Is The Metal Which Does Not Get Affected Or Gets Corrosion This Makes It One Of The Long Lasting Means The Fitting You Will Do, Will Last Long.
  • It Can Be One Of The Cheapest Options For Setting Up The Plumbing Which Will Save Your Lot Of Money.
  • Cu Flange Does Not Get Affected By The Fire Easily This Is Because Of The High Melting Point So They Can Be Used Again Easily.

These Points Prove That It Is Very Productive For You To Use Copper Flanges And Other Copper Pipes For The Plumbing System.

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They Come In Various Sizes Which Can Be Used To Connect Different Type Of Pipes. When You Connect The Pipes Using Copper Pipe Flange, The Connection Between Them Stays Strong And The Life Of The Pipe Increases.

This Makes Your House Or Any Building To Last Long. So, If You Are Interested In Doing A Durable Construction Then You Should Go For The Option Of Copper Pipe Flanges As They Will Not Allow Any Kind Of Leakage In The Piping System.

While Connecting Them You Should Keep In Mind That You Are Not Applying Too Much Pressure On The Joints. As This Can Break Them And Then It Will Be Of No Use.

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When It Comes To The Connection Of Pipes Which Are Already Fitted On The Floor And There Is A Need For Closing That Connection Or Connecting Them With Other. The Use Of The Copper Floor Flange Can Be Very Useful.

As You Connect Copper Floor Flange To Close The Connection Then It Will Last Longer Than The Plastic One. As The Plastic Flanges Break After Some Time Due To Pressure And Other Metals Will Get Corroded. So Using It Can Be The Best Option As It Will Not Break Easily Neither It Will Get Corroded.

Copper Floor Flanges Can Be Very Helpful For The Person As It Can Be Used To Close The Pipes That Have No Use But Are There And Now Cannot Be Removed And Many More.

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While You Are Setting Up The Plumbing System, There Is A Need Of Pipes In Every Room. So When You Pass Them Through The Wall You Definitely Would Have To Think About The Use Of That Connection. Like Connecting Those Pipe With The Sinks, Toilet Seats, And Many Other Uses.

To Do This There Is A Need Of Copper Wall Flange Which Can Help You To Connect Those Pipe And Have All The Benefit You Had Thought Of. As The Use Of These Pipes Is Mainly Related To The Water. You Should Go For The Option Of Copper Flanges And Pipes. This Will Make The Plumbing System Last Longer.

Copper Exhaust Flange Gasket, Copper Sweat Flange & Ceiling Flange

As You Know The Melting Point Property Of Copper Makes It One Of The Best Examples Which Can Be Used For The Plumbing. In The Exhaust Area, There Is A Continuous Flow Of The Steam And Other Gases Which Can Create A Problem For The Other Metal Pipes.

This Makes Copper Pipes And Copper Exhaust Flange Gasket A Suitable Choice For The Fitting Or Plumbing System. This Is Because The Copper Pipe Will Not Melt Or Get Corroded Due To A Continuous Flow Of Heat And Steam. These Heat Absorbent Properties Are The Reason It Is Not Only Used In The Buildings But Can Also Be Used In The Vehicles Also.

Copper Mounting Flange & Cu Toilet Flange

There Are Various Ways To Connect The Copper Mounting Flanges On The Pipes. Here We Are Going To Discuss One Of Them. You Should Know That The Process Of Mounting The Flanges Is Not Difficult.

Let Us Assume That We Have To connect The Copper Mounting Flange On The Pipe Which Is Already Fixed On The Floor. You Can Do The Mounting Process By Doing The Simple Steps:

  • Measure The Size Of The Pipe On Which There Is A Need To Do The Process.
  • Collect Flanges Of The Same Size As The Pipe Is.
  • Fix It On The Pipe By Using The Screws That Came With It.

If You Follow These Simple Steps Then You Will Be Able To Do The Mounting Process.

Size, Dimensions & Other Specifications

Thickness 3 mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm – Customise Thickness Available
Size 1/2″, 1″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 2″, 3″, Customised Size Available
CLASS: 150 LBS,900 LBS, 1500 LBS, 300 LBS, 600 LBS, 2500 LBS
LENGTH: Single Random, Double Random, Cut Length

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Spectacle Blind Flange Cu Threaded Flange
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ceiling Flange, Wall & Floor Flange Copper Sweat Flange
Cu Plate Flange Toilet Flange
Mounting Flange Cu Companion Flange
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