Brass Pipe

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Brass Pipe Displays Superb Qualities Such As Flexibility, Hardness, Durability And Resistance To Rust And Because Of This, Pipes Made From Brass Are In Big Demand In Plumbing. Pipes Made From Brass Are Basically Copper Alloys, To Which Zinc Has Been Added As The Alloying Element. Based On The Kind Of Pipe, The Ratio Of Brass To Copper Would Vary. There Are Various Kinds Of Attachments That Are Available For Pipes And The More Common Ones Include The Likes Of Elbows (Female/Male), Crosses, Union Tees, Couplings, Etc. There Are Also More Complex Fittings That Are Available For Brass Pipes And These Are Custom Units, 5-Way Joints, Pipe Manifolds That Have Multiple Starts, Etc. There Are Certain Instances Where Brass Fittings For Use With Brass Seamless Pipes, Are Plated With Chrome, So As To Increase Their Performance. Fittings To Be Used With Brass Pipes Can Be Unthreaded Or They Can Also Be Threaded If They Have To Be Used With Threaded Brass Pipe.

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As Zinc Has Been Added To Copper In The Manufacturing Of Brass Pipes, Pipes Made From Brass Are Extremely Versatile And They Have Increased Strength And As Such They Are In Big Demand In A Large Number Of Engineering Processes. Brass Welded Pipe Are Used In Various Industries And Applications Due To Their Characteristics, Such As Their Color, Their Resistance To Corrosion, Their Strength And Their Appearance. Single Phase Alpha Brass Consists Of Around 37% Zinc And They Are Easy To Weld, Easy To Cold Work, Easy To Braze And They Are Also Very Ductile. Usually, Hot Working Is Done With Brasses That Are Dual Phase Alpha-Beta.

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Brass Pipe Are Not Ferromagnetic And As Such It Is Possible To Separate Them From Scrap That Is Ferrous, By Passing The Scrap Near A Magnet That Is Very Powerful. The Scraps Of Brass Pipes That Are Thus Collected, Are Then Taken To A Foundry And Here They Are Melted And Then They Are Recast Into Billets. These Billets Are Then Heated And Then They Are Extruded To Get The Desired Shapes And Forms, Including That Of Large Diameter Brass Pipe. In The Manufacture Of Some Kinds Of Brass Pipes, Silicon, Iron, Aluminium And Manganese Are Added In Various Combinations, Making Them Extremely Resistant To Wear And Tear.

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Now It Is Even Possible To Get Brass Exhaust Pipe To Give That Fancy Automobile An Even Fancier Look. One Of The Reasons For This Is Because Of The Resonating Sound Of This Metal. The Resonating Sound Of Exhaust Pipe Is Just Too Good And People Love The Sound. The Resonance Of Admiralty Brass Exhaust Pipes Is Far Better Than That Of Exhaust Pipes That Are Made From Steel And In Fact These Kinds Of Exhaust Pipes Of Brass, Mellow Out In Tones That Are Just So Unbelievably Good. Brass Square Pipes Give Motorbikes A Very Classy Look, The Likes Of Which Other Kinds Of Exhaust Pipes Are Unable To Give. Another Great Feature About Exhaust Pipes Of Brass, Is That It Is Possible To Mount Them In A Number Of Ways.

Polished Brass Pipe, 1/2 & 3 Inch Threaded Brass Pipe

Polished Brass Pipe Are Made From Solid Brass And These Are Polished And Then They Are Coated With Lacquer, So As To Prevent Patina And Tarnishing From Taking Place, Over A Period Of Time. They Are Highly Reflective, They Are Shiny And They Are Also Very Bright. Brass Pipe Whose Natural Finish Has Worn Out With Time, Are Known As Antique Brass Pipes And These Types Have A Much Darker Appearance And They Do Not Reflect A Great Deal Of Light. Brass Polished Pipes Are Now Gaining Increasing Popularity With Homeowners, As Well As With Designers And More And More People Are Now Beginning To Discover The Advantages Of This Gold Coloured Finish. Polished Brass Schedule 40 & Schedule 80 Pipes Are Perfect For Use In Bathrooms And Kitchens, As Their Style And Radiance Helps In Defining Space. As These Pipes Have Capabilities Of Catching The Light, They Are Great For Use In Homes Or Other Places Where There Is A Need To Call For Attention To Specific Areas.

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Yellow Brass Pipe Exhibit Pretty Good Resistance To Corrosion, Their Ductility Is Superb And They Also Display Moderately High Strength. Yellow Brass Is Also Referred To As Gold Brass. The Term Yellow Brass Has Been Coined To Describe Alloys Of Brass That Contain More Than 15% Zinc. It Contains Around 60 – 70% Copper, 30 – 40% Zinc And Small Quantities Of Lead And Tin. Yellow Brass Has The Lowest Copper Content And It Is A Single Phase Alpha Brass. 8mm & Sch 40 Yellow Brass Pipes Are Used A Lot Where Their Lower Cost And Deep Drawing Properties Are A Distinct Advantage. Yellow Brass Is Used To A Great Extent For Cold And Hot Formed Products. As It Has A High Thermal Conductivity, It Is Perfect For Use In Heat Exchangers. Pipes Made From Yellow Brass Are Used In Appliance Parts And In Plumbing. Yellow Brass Happens To Be One Of The Most Common Of All The Brasses That Are Used. Yellow Brass Is Used A Lot In Antennas, Connectors, Radiators And Automobiles. Scraps Of Brass Yellow Pipe Play A Very Crucial Role In The Brass Industry, As Well As In The Bronze Industry And These Scraps Of Schedule 40 Pipes Are Used To A Great Deal In Remodeling And In The Kitchen. Admiralty Brass Pipes Are In Big Demand For Use In Household Plumbing.

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We Are A Leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier And Stockist Of Admiralty Brass Pipe. Our 4 inch Brass Pipes Are Of The Highest Quality, Adhering To International Quality Standards And We Supply Them To Clients Located All Over The World. No Matter What Is Your Need For Pipes Made Of Brass, Be Sure To Call Us. One Thing You Can Be Sure Of, Our Prices Are Extremely Competitive And You Will Not Get A Better Deal Than The One That We Can Give You. So, For All Your Needs For Brass Threaded Pipe, Talk To Us, We Are Always Happy To Help. We Export & Supply Brass Pipe To USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Canada, Malaysia, Colombia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Etc.

Specification, Size & Dimensions Of Seamless & Welded Pipes

Specifications ASTM B 135 ASME SB 135 / ASTM B 36 ASME SB 36
Outer Diameter 1.5 mm – 350 mm
Size up to 100 ft.
Thickness 0.3 – 9 mm
Type Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated
Form Round, Hydraulic Etc
Length Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length.
End Plain End, Beveled End, Threaded

Chemical Composition Of Brass ASTM B36 & B135 Seamless & Welded Pipes

Brass Zn Fe Pb Cu
Nominal 35.4 2.7 61.5
Min./Max. Rem. 0.35 2.5-3.0 60.0-63.0