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Straight Copper Pipe & Tube Is Tougher Than Coiled Copper Pipes And As Such It Is Used In A Number Of Very Special Applications Such As In Distilling Or In Various Types Of Appliances. Copper Pipe Straight Is Commonly Used And Quite Likely, They Are The Ones Being Used In Your Home Or Office Or Industry, To Channel The Water. The Reason Why Straight Copper Tubing Is Very Popular Is Because It Is Long Lasting And Very Strong And This Is Precisely The Reason Why 10mm Copper Pipe Straight Are Used In Critical Systems That Have The Need To Be Totally Leak Proof.

Straight Copper Tubing Manufacturer & Stockholder

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Premium Quality 10mm Straight Copper Pipes Dealer

Copper Straight 10mm Pipes Are Used Today In Innumerable Applications In Households And Also In All Kinds Of Industries. This Is Not At All Surprising As These Straight Pipes Is Very Sturdy And It Lasts A Lifetime. Straight Copper Pipes Are Used For Purposes Such As Cooling, Heating, Plumbing And Just About Anything Else That One Can Think Of. We Supply & Export 10mm Copper Pipe Straight To USA, UK, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Europe, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Abu Dhabi, Etc.

Industrial Application Of Cu Straight Pipe & Tube

  • Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Straight Copper Tubing Are Used To Easily Connect These Equipment By Using Flare Fittings Or Sweating. Good For Use In A Temperature Range Of 100 °F – 400 °F.
  • Type L Straight Copper Water Tubing Coils: These Have Been Designed Specifically For Use In Hydronic Heater Applications, As Well As For Below The Ground Water Service And Above The Ground Water Service. They Are Also Perfect For Use In Fire Sprinkler Systems And Other Applications That Are Used In Very High Temperatures. When This Is Exposed To Flames, Its High Melting Point, Enables It To Maintain Pressure.
  • Type K Straight Copper Water Tubing Is Used For The Purpose Of Connecting Meters And Water Mains, Resulting In The Formation Of Heavy-Duty Vacuum Pump Lines Underground. The Big Plus Of Type K Is That Its Melting Point Is High And As Such, When It Is Exposed To Flames, Its Pressure Is Maintained And So It Is Used A Lot In Fire Sprinkler Systems And Applications That Deal With High Temperatures. Can Be Used In Temperatures Ranging Between 100 °F – 400 °F.
  • Type M Straight Copper Water Tubing Is The Kind That Is Thin Walled And It Is Just Perfect For Use In Homes, Behind Walls. It Can Be Used At Pressures Ranging From 32 °F – 400 °F.

Bright Annealed, AS 1571 & JIS H3300 Copper Straight  Tubes

Solitaire Overseas Is A Well Known Fabricator, Exporter, Supplier And Stockholder Of Straight Copper Pipe & Tube. Our Tubes Are Manufactured Using The Finest Raw Materials And They Adhere To National And International Standards. We Take Pride In Our Superior Quality, But At The Same Time, Our Pricing Has Been Designed To Cater To Every Budget. No Matter Which Part Of The World You May Be, We Deliver These Straight Copper Pipe To All Corners Of The Globe. Whatever Is Your Need For 10mm Straight Copper Pipe, Be Sure To Talk To Us, Rest Assured That We Have Everything That You Seek.