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Solitaire Overseas Is One Of The Most Leading Supplier Of Copper Pipe & Tube All Over The World. The Use Of Copper Pipes And Tubes Is Very Common In Plumbing, Air Conditioning And Other Applications. We Regularly Supply Threaded, Insulated & Hard Drawn Copper Pipes To USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Canada, Etc.

BS 2871 Part I, BS EN 1057, ASTM B 88,  B42 Pipe & Tube Supplier

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3/4 Inch & 2 Inch Copper Pipe Manufacturer & Dealer

Our Company Can Manufacture Copper Pipes & Tubes In Different Shapes & Sizes. Hence, We Are Specialised In Fabrication Of 3/4 Inch, 2 Inch, 1/2 Inch, 3 Inch Copper Pipe. Also, We Are The Fastest Manufacturer Of 8mm & 10mm Copper Gas Pipe.

If You Are Not Aware Of The Uses And How Schedule 40 Copper Pipes & Tubes Is Helpful In Controlling The Expenses Then You Should Definitely Read This Article.

In This, We Are Going To Discuss The Various Applications Of Copper Rectangular Pipe. After Reading This You Will Find That Copper Brake Pipe Is One Of The Useful Things In The Construction And Maintenance As Well As Other Applications.

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When You Start The Construction Of The House The Most Important Thing That Is Taken For Granted By You Is The Plumbing System. It Is The Thing You Should Never Underestimate As This Can Save You A Lot Of Money If Done Right And If Not Then You Will Be Losing The Fortune. It Is Because The Wrong Pipe Connections Or Leakage Can Damage Your House And You Might Lose All The Money You Have Put In The Construction Of Any Building You Wanted.

So If You Are Looking For An Answer To The Problem Like Leakage Then Type K, Type M, & Type L Copper Water Pipe Can Be The Answer For That. The Benefit You Will Get By Using Copper Plumbing Pipe Is That It Will Not Only Cut Your Cost For The Construction But Also Last Long. It Is Resistant Toward The Rust Which Makes It Last For The Longer Period Of Time.

If You Are Using Copper Water Pipe For The Plumbing System Then You Can Expect The Life Of The House To Increase As Well.

Connectivity With Threaded Copper Pipe & Tube, Corrugated Copper Pipes

Connecting Copper Pipes Is Never An Issue. If You Think That From The Joint Area Where Linking Between The Pipes Is Done There Will Be A Leakage Issue Then You Are Wrong.

The Reason For That Is The Pipes Will Be Connected With The Threaded Copper Pipe Which Will Not Allow The Water To Leak. You Have To Understand That Copper Tube Is Never Threaded, But The Joints That Will Help To Connect These Cu Tubes Will Be Threaded. These Threaded Copper Pipes Prevents The Water From Leaking And Making The Joints Last Longer.

Copper Alloy Pipe Manufacturer, Stockholder &  Fabricator

When It Comes To The Heat And The Cooling Of The Metals Then Copper Is One Of The Options Which Is Efficient And Durable. Our Manufactured Copper Tubes Has Various Applications. It Is Not Limited To The Plumbing Systems Only. Cu Pipes For Heating & Cooling Systems, Air Conditioner, Fuel Pipes, Gas Line Pipes, Etc. These Copper Flexible Tubes Can Be Manufactured In Customised Sizes & Schedules As Per Clients Requirement.

Hydronic Radiant Heating, Copper Pipe & Tube For Heating System

This Is Something Every Person Wants To Have In Their House. In This, You Can Have The House For The Luxury You Always Desire Of. This System Is Used To Control The Temperature Of The House.

For This Copper Pipes For Heating System Are Used For A Very Long Time, It Can Be Traced Back To The 1940S. This Is Considered To Be One Of The Best Choices Of The Homeowners Because Of The Superior Heat Transfer Capabilities. Another Reason For Using It Is Its Noncombustible And Extremely Dependable Capabilities.

Even If There Is Any Problem Then The Pipe Or The Problem Can Be Easily Replaced. These Abilities Of Cu Tubes Make It One Of The Best Options.

Copper Pipe For Air Conditioning, Ac Copper Pipe, Cu Refrigeration Tubes

When it comes to the cooling system Copper Pipe For Air Conditioning can play a vital role in it. As you might have heard that small body change their temperature very quickly. This is the reason they play an important part in the air conditioning system. They tend to absorb the unnecessary heat of that is produced by the ambient. The copper tube attached to the compressor and the evaporator act as the insulator between them.

The small size of the pipes helps in the air conditioning system a lot which is also acknowledged by the International Copper Association as well.

Copper Pipe For Water Cooling, Copper Tube For Air Cooler

The Importance Of Copper Tube Can Be Understood That By The Use Of Them In Various Cooling Instruments Like Refrigerators. The Thermal Conductivity Of Copper Makes The Pipes One Of The Suitable For The Use In These Situations.

The Pressure Created By The Change In The Temperature Is Easily Controlled By Them. The Reason For That Is Easy Conductivity Of The Metal Towards Temperature. When There Is A Cooler Environment Copper Tubes Adjusts According To That. So Copper Water Pipes For Water Cooling Can Be Considered As The Best Option.

Refrigeration Copper Pipe, Fridge Copper Tube Supplier

Some Of The Reasons Which Make Copper Refrigeration Tube & Pipe The Best Option For The Product Like The Refrigerator Are:

  • Consumption Of Fewer Refrigerants
  • It Being Resistance Toward The Corrosion
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Resistant Toward The External And Mechanical Damages.

Copper Pipe For Medical Gas, pre insulated copper tube

Using Copper Pipe For Medical Gas Is Considered To Be The Best Option. There Are The Different Reason Which Can Help You To Justify The Reason Behind That. So Here Is The Reason Why It Should Be Used:

  • Doesn’t Burn: One Of The Main Reason For Using The Copper Pipe For Medical Gas Is It Does Not Catches Fire Easily. Even The Melting Point Of Copper Is Very High That Is 1,984 Degrees Fahrenheit. This Makes It A Better Option Than Plastic Tube Which Cannot Be Used After The Fire.
  • Long Lasting:  This Product Provides To You A Reliable And Dependable Performance.
  • Impermeable: The Best Part Of Using Copper Tube Is That It Is A Metal Which Is Least Reactive Than Other Pipes Which Can Be Used For The Same Option.

Type K, L, M Copper Pipe & Tube Sizes, Dimension & Thickness

Specifications ASTM B 280, B 68,  ASME SB 68, SB 280, B42, BS 2871 Part I, BS EN 1057, ASTM B 88
Outer Diameter 1.5 mm – 350 mm
Size up to 100 ft.
Thickness 0.3 – 9 mm
Type Type K, Type L, Type M. Seamless, Welded,  ERW, Fabricated,
Form Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Round, Hydraulic Etc
Length Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length.
End Plain End, Beveled End, Threaded

Other Types & Grades Available With Us

Type K Copper Pipe Type L Copper Pipes
Seamless & Welded Copper Tube Copper Square, Rectangular & Hexagonal Tubes
Type M Rigid Copper Pipe copper DWV Piping & Tubing

Test Certificates, Third Party Inspection, Marking & Packing Of Material

Solitaire Overseas Offers 100% Genuine & Quality Goods. Hence, Our Company Offers All The Test Certificates & Other Documents Demanded By Our Clients. We Handle The Documentation Process Very Smoothly. All The Documents & Certificates Relating To The Product Are Sent To Our Clients On Time. Furthermore, To Clear Your Doubt, We Even Allow Third Party Inspection On The Products. The Products Are Packed In Wooden Boxes & Sent To Clients Location. Finally, Solitaire Overseas Is Known For The Fastest Delivery Of Cu Tubes & Pipes.

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