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Solitaire Overseas Is A Global Leader In The Manufacture Of All Kinds Of Copper Sheet. These Types Of Sheets Are Extremely Useful In Structural Engineering, Architecture, Medical Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Etc. It Is Used In A Large Number Of Industries All Over The World And There Are A Number Of Reasons For The Popularity Of Copper, Such As It Is Very Versatile, It Is Ductile, It Is Malleable And It Also Has A Very High Electrical Conductivity And Thermal Conductivity. We Regularly Export & Supply Copper Sheets To USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Australia, Germany, Dubai, Albuquerque, Melbourne, Atlanta, Philippines, Denver, Dallas, Ireland, Etc.

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Copper Is Considered To Be The ‘Metal Of The Future’ And An Indication Of This Lies In The Fact That China, The World’S Second Biggest Economy, Quite Recently Purchased 1.47 Million Metric Tons Of Copper Concentrates And Copper Ore. By Way Of Revenue, The International Market For Copper Has A Projected Expansion At A CAGR Of 4.6% Between The Years Of 2018 – 2026. By The Year 2026, Based On Volume, The International Market For Copper Is Predicted To Reach 32,932.1 Kilo Tons.

Thin Copper Roofing Sheet, 18 Gauge, 16 & 20 Gauge Copper Sheets For Sale

If You Are Seeking Copper Sheets For Sale And You Want Only The Very Best Quality, At The Most Economical Rates, Be Sure To Talk To Us. The Prices That We Can Give You For Thin Copper Sheet, Copper Roofing Sheet And So Many Other Kinds That We Have, You Will Find Hard To Get Anywhere Else. And As For The Quality Of Our Copper Clad Sheet, It Is Right On Top With The Best In The World. How Can We Be So Sure About This? This Is Because We Run Our 18 Gauge Copper Sheet And All The Other Sheets That We Manufacture, Including Copper Foil Sheet, Through The Toughest Of Quality Tests, Before We Dispatch Them To Our Clients Located All Over The World.

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Our Cu Sheets Goes Through Tough Quality Testing Process, To Ensure That Our Copper Clad Sheet, Mirror Finished Copper Sheets, Are Of The Highest Quality, We Run Them Through Various Very Tough Quality Tests Such As Pitting Resistance Test, Flattening Test, Hardness Test, Spectro Analysis, Flaring Test, PMI Testing, Micro And Macrotest, Intergranular Corrosion (IGC) Test, Etc. This Is Our Way Of Ensuring That Our Customers Get All Kinds Of Cu Sheets That We, Solitaire Overseas Manufactures, That Conform To The Highest International Standards And Specifications.

Industrial Applications & Other Uses Of Copper Shim Sheets

The Joining Of Copper Sheet Can Be Done By Various Kinds Of Techniques Such As Soldering, Welding And Brazing. For Electrical Connections, Mostly Soldering Is Used. It Is Also Possible To Join Cu Sheets By Using Mechanical Methods Such As Screws And Rivets. Based On The Application Of Copper Shim Sheet, The Market For Copper Has Been Separated Into Power Generation, Transportation, Construction, Transmission, Electronics, Distribution, Appliances And Others. The Other Segments Into Which The Copper Market Has Been Split Up Are Coins, Defense, Machinery, Ammunition, Etc.

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Copper Sheet Roll Are Perfect For Electrical Conductivity Uses And They Are Used In Many Applications Like Transformers, Solar/Alternative Energy, Cable Wrap, Circuit Boards And Batteries. Another Important Application Of Copper Is That Of Copper Foil Tape And This Is Used In Various Applications Like Labels, Electronics, Arts & Crafts, Batteries, Stained Glass, Motors And EMI/RFI. Most Commonly, Copper Is Used In A Large Number Of Products Such As Cookware, Pipes And Electrical Wires. The Color Of Pure Copper Is Reddish-Orange. Copper Has An Electrical Conductivity That Is The Best, After Silver. As Copper Is Found In Abundance And As It Costs Much Less, Since Many Years Now, It Has Been Used As The Standard Material For Applications Dealing With The Transmission Of Electricity.

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There Is A Huge Demand For Mirror Finished Copper Sheet In The Construction Market. The Construction Sector Has A Big Share Of The International Market For Copper And The Reason For This Is That There Is A Colossal Demand For Copper Appliances In The Construction Industry, Such As Copper Fittings, Copper Plumbing, Copper Valves, Copper Taps And Perforated Sheets. The Second Industry In Which There Is A Huge Demand For Copper, Is The Transport Sector. Because Of The Demand In The Need For Electric Vehicles, The Rise For Copper In This Industry Is Being Seen.

Annealed Copper Sheet, Buy Copper Sheet For Cladding & Roofing

There Are So Many Reasons Why Our Annealed Copper Sheet & Perforated Sheet Are Very Popular And This Is Because Copper Has Certain Key Properties And These Are: Copper Offers Excellent Resistance To Biofouling; Copper Is Non-Magnetic; Copper Displays Superb Electrical Conductivity; It Has Splendid Machinability; Copper Has Very Good Heat Conductivity; Copper Exhibits Retention Of Electrical And Mechanical Properties At Cryogenic Temperatures; This Material Displays Very Good Resistance To Corrosion. All Alloys Of Copper Display Resistance To Steam And Fresh Water. Copper And Its Alloys Can Also Resist Corrosion In Atmospheres That Are Industrial, Marine And Rural. Thin Copper Sheet Is Also Resistant To Soils, Caustic Solutions, Non-Oxidising Minerals, Saline Solutions And Organic Acids.

Documentation, Test Certificates & Strict Manufacturing Process 

We Are Forerunners In The Manufacture, Supply, Export And Stock Of Copper Sheet. These Copper Perforated Sheets Of Ours Are Famous All Over The World For Their High Quality. The Truth Is, Our Copper Clad Sheets Conform To National And International Quality Standards And Specifications. And Our Prices, They Are Better Than You Could Find, Anywhere Else. We Also Supply Our Clients With Test Certificates Certifying NACE Mr0103/ NACE Mr0175 And Material Test Certificates (MTC) As Per En 10204 3.1/En 10204 3.2.

We Also Provide Our Clients With Various Kinds Of Documentation Such As: Heat Treatment Charts, Raw Material Test Reports, Laboratory Test Reports That Are NABL Approved, Material Traceability Records, Commercial Invoice (Hs Code Included), Quality Assurance Plan, Certificate Of Origin (Legalized), Etc. We Deliver Our Copper Roofing Sheets To Clients Located In All Corners Of The Globe. Whatever Is Your Need For Copper Perforated Sheet, Be Sure To Call Us, You Will Be Very Happy You Did.